Europe Transport Section

We meet the needs of transport to and from Europe through Euro Standard and Euro Premium services that reach more than 35 European countries with daily departures, real-time tracking of shipments and customised KPI reports for monitoring the quality of service.

Euro Standard

  • Deliveries within 48/96 h in the main European destinations;
  • BtoB, GDO, Industrial, BtoC;
  • Daily departures for the main European countries;
  • Management of customs practices;
  • All incoterms;
  • Regular delivery times;
  • Proof of Delivery (POD);
  • Flag management (C.O.D. – C.A.D.).

Euro Premium

  • Distribution in France, Germany and the UK with guaranteed
    delivery times thanks to our express distribution service;
  • Single and multi-layer shipments with 48h delivery to France and Germany;
  • Pro-Active Customer Service;
  • Proof of Delivery POD Online;
  • Special safety procedures.

Our Routes

All trasport services

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International overland

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